That's A Knife

May 29, 2020

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It’s show #12 from my home to your ears and I begin this one with some sharp tunes to help cut through the day. You’ll also hear a set of terrific music I was introduced to through a broadcast out of New Mexico called Lost in the Tracks, discover the wonderful new Song of the Week “Confetti” from LA-based musician Teddi Gold, dive into some tunes from a few brand new albums, sweat it out with the newest #Hottakes, and a whole bunch more!

The Knife – Maggie Rogers
Knives Out – Radiohead
Hot Knife – Fiona Apple
Our Hearts – Concrete Knives
Straight Edge of the Blade – Jenny and Johnny

-air break-

Dying to Believe – The Beths
Reason – Bully
Gone Insane – Lucius
Juke – The New Pornographers
A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

-air break-

A Thousand Times – Annie Taylor
One Less Step – Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out
Cloud 9 – Beach Bunny
In/Out - En Attendant Ana
Miss United States – Rookie

-air break-

Confetti – Teddi Gold
Gotta Get To Know Ya – Seratones
Television – The Golden Age of TV
Socialites And Singer Types – Gold Casio
You! – Floco Torres

-air break-

Fool’s Gold – Daughters of Reykjavik
Anti Socialite – The Foxies
Paper Cups – Bryde
Be My Friend – Honey Lung
Neon Cross – Jaime Wyatt

-air break-

Bottle of Wine – Baker Grace
Sundress – Manna
It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault – Courtney Marie Andrews
Volcanic – Gordi

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