This Is My Wish

May 17, 2019

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The new show delivers the wish for new music right to your ears! I say happy birthday to NIN frontman Trent Reznor, highlight the brilliant new Song of the Week, “You’ve Got It Good,” from UK musician Annabel Allum (and play a couple of songs from a few other bands on the Supercat PR roster), give you a taste of a few albums out today May 17th, let you in on a few tracks from our #Hottakes post, and so much more!

You’re The Wish You Are I Had – XTC
Wishing Well – INXS
I Wish I Could Be You – The Muffs
Enjoy – Bjork
David Watts – The Jam

-air break-

Salary Man – Kiwi Jr.
Not My Baby – Alvvays
Make You Better – The Decemberists
Divisionary (Do The Right Thing) – Ages and Ages
Hey – Elvis Perkins in Dearland

-air break-

The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails
Peek-A-Boo – Siouxsie and The Banshees
Horror Head – Curve
Pretend Were Dead – L7
Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails

-air break-

You’ve Got It Good – Annabel Allum
4qrtrs – Rina Mushonga
Anything You Want – Weird Milk
Someone Else For You – Talkboy
Headlights – Gaffa Tape Sandy

-air break-

Silver Socks – Cat Princess
I Found Out – The Head and The Heart
The Weekend – Interpol
I Feel Emotions – Operators
New Media – Slow Pulp

-air break-

Earthquake Love – Stray Local
Nowhere – Black Match
Ain’t It Magical – Mauwe
I’m Your Man – Grace Gillespie

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