This Show Goes To 11

Mar 16, 2018

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The Music Savage show w/ DJ Ryan Doyon on WMFO!

Today's show cranks it to 11 and begins with some loud rock n' roll meant to kick your day into gear, gives you some tasty tunes from albums released today 3/16, features the new Song of the Week "On Hold" from up and coming UK musician Fenne Lily, followed by some of the bands/musicians who had a song of the week in past shows, plays some favorite new Irish bands on the rise in the St. Patrick's Day segment, highlights a few bands/musicians coming to local venue Atwood's Tavern, and gives you a sneak peek at our #Hottakes post!

Hell Hole – Spinal Tap
Modern Kicks – The Exploding Hearts
Hello Operator - The White Stripes
Planet of Sound – Pixies
Loose Change - Royal Blood
Hipster Shakes - Black Pistol Fire
-air break-
Six Wave Hold-Down – Hot Snakes
Getting Along - The Magic Gang
Brooklyn - Fickle Friends
For You Too - Yo La Tengo
Once In My Life - The Decemberists
-air break-
Rumours in the Stockroom - The Clockworks
Different – The Academic
Don’t Need It Now - Le Boom
Balloon - Jafaris
Causing Trouble - Saint Sister
Auto - Hot Cops
-air break-
On Hold – Fenne Lily
Good Times – Kelsey Kerrigan
Riot in the Streets - Pokey LaFarge
Take Me Down – Fiona Silver
Charonne -Modern Pleasure
-air break-
Grown Ups - Ali McGuirk
Talk Me Down - Willy Mason
Awakening Enkindled - Muddy Ruckus
Closer - The Low Cards
Horse - Christopher Paul Stelling
-air break-
Need a Little Time - Courtney Barnett
Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges
Magnetism - Vacationer
Cannonball! - Buck Meek
No Other Woman - Greyhounds

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